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Arcade Games Hire

We have a fantastic range of arcade simulators available for hire. All arcade games are delivered installed and collected with minimum fuss and will have on hand a member of our event team to assist clients.

Sega Rally – Sega Rally 2 Championship launched in 1998. It takes all of the elements that made the original Sega Rally a worldwide hit and ups the anti making screen updates 3 times faster than the original. For techno geek’s this machine serves 1 million polygons per second to deliver stunning in-play graphics!

Jump gap after gap and right the car with split second timing before sliding round the next bend. The course conditions change as you hurtle along at mind-boggling speed, driven on by the cheers of the crowd. All the time your mind is focused on one thing – the finishing line!

Players: 2 (can be linked upto 8)  Size Required: 3m x 3m     Manufacturer: Sega

Daytona USA – Daytona USA was originally launched in 1994. To this day it is still a superb driving experience that set the bench for driving games. No other driving game since has achieved the profitability of this machine. In the arcade industry the phrase “It’s no Daytona” is often heard when describing other driving games.


The reason for all of this success is that Daytona USA gives you the feeling of what it’s like to drive a 750BHP NASCAR stock car around Daytona’s high bank turns! Hug just inches behind the car ahead of you at speeds of up to 200MPH! It’s a superb virtual reality driving feast that provides adrenaline pumping thrills of world class stock racing.

Players: 2                  Size Required: 3m x 3m                 Manufacturer: Sega

Silent Scope – Silent Scope is the ultimate sniper arcade shooter that puts the player in the shoes of a marksman during a series of terrorist incidents. Unlike most other arcade shooting games, the gun for this game is mounted to the machine, requiring players to physically alter their position to shoot. Fun & interactive for all levels of play.

Players: 1                  Size Required: 1m x 2m     Manufacturer: Sega

Gun Blade NY Helicopter GunshipThe Big Apple has been taken over by hard core armoured android soldiers! The situation has come to a deadlock and time is running out. The US military is paralysed. Any action they take will jeopardize the general public. As their only hope the federal government has decided to bring on the new SAAF (Special Air Attack Force) monster armed attack helicopter called “Gun Blade”. Strap yourself in for one insane ride! Operation Apple Storm is underway!

You definitely won’t be dozing trying to save the city that never sleeps!

Players: 2                  Size Required: 2m x 3m     Manufacturer: Sega

Not for the faint hearted, your scary mission is to investigate the status of the mysteriously missing personnel at a genetic engineering centre (The DBR Corporation) and of the first team of operatives sent to rescue them. You will also need to take defensive action and assist any survivors. During the mission, you will discover that the mad scientist Dr. Curien is the one resurrecting the un-dead and you must stop him and his evil un-dead minions.

Players: 2                  Size Required: 2m x 3m     Manufacturer: Sega

Time CrisisTime Crisis 2 plays much like the original but now two players can play simultaneously, blasting bad guys and popping in and out of hiding.

The President’s daughter is in trouble, so save her! You and a comrade progress through each of the game’s different levels. After a short animation, you’re placed right in the middle of combat, with enemies firing at you from afar (or up close). Start blasting all the enemies on screen, but watch out! You only have a limited amount of time to finish each level. If you run out or are depleted of all your health supply, it’s game over!

Players: 2                  Size Required: 2m x 3m                 Manufacturer: Sega

 Police 24/7 Fully Interactive – Taking the role of a police officer, you start in Los Angeles and fight your way through the members of the Japanese mafia who are running guns from America to Japan. There are six bosses you must capture in LA and Japan, concluding with the head of the Criminal organization in Japan. The player moves around shooting enemies and rescuing hostages, the player uses their entire body in order to hide or shoot.

Players: 1                  Size Required: 1m x 3m     Manufacturer: Konami

 Air Trix Skate Boarding – put your baseball cap on back to front as you prepare youself for this excellent trick-style skateboarding arcade game simulator from Sega. The player stands on and manoeuvers a skateboard-style controller that allows the player character to perform tail grabs, spins and other moves.

Pick from five (plus two hidden) different skateboarders and take on one of two sets of half-pipes or the training mode. Unlike Top Skater, Air Trix has no racing elements, focusing instead on high-flying tricks performed in half-pipes. ‘It’s sick!’

Players: 1                  Size Required: 2m x 3m     Manaufacturer: Sega

Virtua Tennis – now there’s no need to brave the elements if you fancy a highly energetic game of wonderfully addictive tennis! Player movement is 100% realistic because it’s based on actual motion capture data from professional tennis players.

Sega’s powerful Naomi hardware system delivers graphics and game play that blur the line between fantasy and reality! Smash and dash, dump shots, shoestring saves, cross-court volleys and many other exciting tennis shots are painstakingly reproduced with clarity and precision on a 29” high resolution monitor!

Players:1                   Size Required: 1m x 2m                 Manufacturer:  Sega

Table Top Retro Arcade Machine – Welcome to a whole new universe of arcade gaming with this high quality multi-game tabletop arcade machine that ticks all of the boxes that you could ever imagine for your dream arcade machine. Pint of beer & bowl of peanuts and your ready for the ultimate in retro club land. With over 100 games classic games to choose from, will it be the ever popular Space Invaders or the equally legendary Hyper Sports. Please contact us for a full list of games available.

Players: 2      Size Required: 1m x 1m                 Manufacturer: Various

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