Nintendo Wii Hire

Nintendo Wii hire – Hire a Nintendo Wii Gaming Console complete with 4 player controls, selection of games, 42’ or 50’ freestanding plasma screen and experience the latest and greatest in gaming technologies. The Nintendo Wii Gaming Console allows players to keep fit whilst being competitive & fun, test your skill levels of various activities and provides great entertainment for  friends, family, colleagues & it makes an ideal icebreaker.

 We have two hire packages available:

Wii Event Hire Package which includes: Wii Console, 4 x Remotes, 2 x Games, 1 x Large Plasma Screen, 1 x Screen Stand, Operator, Delivery/Collection, Installation

Wii Dry Hire Package: Wii Console, 4 x Remotes, 2 x Games, Leads to plug into your own TV/Projector,

Wii Hire Extras: Projector (front or rear), Projector Screen, Nunchucks, Wii Fit board, Cyberbike, PA System, additional games.

With all our packages we offer two games, without doubt the most popular is Wii Sports which includes golf, bowling, tennis and much more this is supplied as standard. We have literally hundreds of other games to choose from.

Whatever your event we we can certainly help, we rent Nintendo Consoles for parties, promotions, events and just for fun events. Play sports, tennis, golf, bowling or whatever game you choose from our large library, all supplied 4 remote controllers for the ultimate interaction.

Nintendo Wii Hire have Wii Snowboarding and Ski simulators for the Wii Fit Board and , Singstar Karaoke and many other games including FIFA 1 or why not try out Cyberbike or try Beach Sports for summer events. Specials on request.

For the largest range of Wii consoles for hire, we will certainly be able to help.

One of our largest booking required 12 Wii consoles, we put in 12 Wii machines into 12 different locations around the UK, using the Wii internet connections allowed the 12 depots to compete in an ‘interhouse’ competition marking the sales kick-off for their new product. A huge success, we are already in discussions for 2011.

Try the Wii Hire Experience at your next event – we look forward to hearing from you!

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